The book

“This well-produced book portrays the relentless human tragedy of refugees, where the ‘luck of the draw’ is the only determining factor” – Patrick . J. Fenech, Times of Malta

The photos in this book, covering everything from rescues at sea, life in detention centres, life in Malta and refugees being resettled  to the U.S. and continental Europe, were shot on assignment for Times of Malta, Reuters and a host of other international publications between 2004 and 2014.

Watch this video to get an idea of what the Isle Landers book is like.

Isle Landers is available in all good bookstores in Malta and Gozo (free delivery to Malta addresses)

You can also purchase the book online


If you are purchasing the book from outside Malta use the coupon code ISLE30 to get a discount on the shipping


One comment

  1. Patricia Scherer

    Hello, I had the opportunity to visit your exhibition in Malta. It’s very important work that you do, and I would like to thank you for it. More people need to know and understand what is actually happening, more people need to overvome their prejudices so we can move on to better solutions. As a continental European, your pictures make me ashamed. I hope others do, too – this shame can and must be a driver for change. All the best, Patricia

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